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The water is currently 14.0 degrees.

Dosthill Quarry is a healthy open air environment with lots of space, where you and your family can cool down, keep fit, de-stress & relax.


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For queries please phone 01733 351288 any day between 8am & 4pm OR 01827 281304 during opening times below

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Current Swimming Opening Dates & Times 2022

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Dosthill Quarry Opening Hours

Dosthill Quarry is OPEN ALL THE YEAR, but always check our opening times in the above chart before you book. We adjust the opening times seasonally & daily to meet weather conditions, demand & Covid restrictions. If there are no divers or swimmers on site by the last check-in time, the staff will close early. If you are delayed & running late, please call 01827 281304.


Our History

Dosthill Quarry is the historical centre of Dosthill at Tamworth, just 10 miles from Birmingham, having been mentioned in the Domesday Book after the Norman conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror. The Normans called the area “Dercelai” which translated as Dorsethull, finally becoming Dosthill. Excavations for its prized granite progressed through the 1800’s until 1934 when a large slab was pulled off the south wall at 150 feet below the surrounding ground level, causing a fresh water spring to flood the quarry. Locals subsequently enjoyed a wide range of activities such as cliff jumping, swimming, and zip wire rides. By 1958, scuba diving was well established, earning Dosthill Quarry it’s current title of “The UK’s First National Dive Site”. In 1981, this national status was consolidated when the site was purchased by the British Sub Aqua Club, the first and only National Dive Site to be owned by the UK “Governing Body of the Sport”. In 1988 the BSAC were involved in a court case which threatened the site’s future, and even the Club’s future. Fortunately, the site was purchased by Ian Forster, the owner of Gildenburgh Water, nr Peterborough – the UK’s Second National Dive Site – who has continued to secure the future of Dosthill Quarry for more than 30 years.

Our Activities

Although Dosthill Quarry is best-known for scuba diving, you can also enjoy a wide range of activities at the site, including Cliff Jumping, Outdoor Swimming, Mountain Biking, Running, Swim-Bike-Run and Swim-Run for fun. If you prefer a less strenuous activity there are lots of local walks which start and finish from the quarry. Take a look below.

For more information please call Dosthill Quarry on 01827 281304 during opening hours

or Dive In HQ on 01733 351288 any day 8am – 4.00pm


Cliff jumping is jumping off a cliff into water for a thrilling experience. It was made famous in 1970 when the Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man dived off a cliff to deliver the chocolates to his lady together with the card “All because the lady loves Milk Tray”! https://youtu.be/n1pg1zpNgB0 In 2015, the BBC recreated the advert at Dosthill Quarry off the 40 feet cliff. The advert was then featured on the One Show.

Milk Tray Cliff Dive at Dosthill Quarry 2015

Milk Tray Cliff Dive at Dosthill Quarry 2015

Now you can experience an adrenalin rush from the 10 feet platform and land in the same lake where the new Milk Tray ad was created. Cliff jumping is part of the group of exciting sports which include tombstoning, coasteering, and BASE jumping. Tuition on the correct techniques for launching and entering the water correctly is an essential part of the preparation for each jump. Our techniques have been tried and tested many times. Your instructor will fit you in a shortie wetsuit, and show you how to safely jump off our 10 feet cliff, in a no pressure environment, and land in the lake.

A 10 feet course & jump normally costs £35, but we regularly have 2-for-1 offers! Email admin@divein.co.uk for more info.

Take off

Nearly there


Just bring along a T shirt, shorts (or your costume), and some old trainers that you don’t mind getting wet, and we’ll do the rest.


Outdoor swimming has been a popular activity at Dosthill Quarry for more than 80 years since the original granite quarry was flooded with incredibly clean, clear water fed by a freshwater spring 700 feet underground. Here are three of the many swimmers who swim all year round without any thermal protection. There are many benefits of contact with clean, natural water because it:-

  • stimulates and boosts your immune system
  • releases endorphins that give you happy, satisfied feelings of well-being
  • increases your heart rate and gives you an “alive” feeling
  • provides a solid foundation for a healthy, outdoor life
  • brings out the play in us, which is necessary for health and mental well-being in adults as well as children

With adequate thermal and buoyancy protection to keep you warm and prevent you sinking, swimming in clean, natural water is a safe and healthy activity. The outdoor swimming course has been carefully set out as a 400 metre lap. If you are new to outdoor swimming, you can swim shorter distances to build your confidence. Our swim staff will rent you a shortie wetsuit, check your buoyancy, and guide you on shorter distances or the lap before you take the plunge.

        Swimmers at Dosthill Quarry

Just bring along your costume & towel, and some old trainers or flip flops that you don’t mind getting wet, and we’ll do the rest.


If you’ve seen the Brownlee brothers doing Triathlon, and dreamed of having a go,
this is your chance to try 2 of the triathlon disciplines – swimming and running.
Swim-Run is a stimulating and healthy way to keep active, and a more interesting way to get fit,
because by adding these to your fitness routine can reduce training stress on your body, add variety, and increase the fun of training! That’s why we coined the phrase SWIM-RUN FOR FUN.
Following Britain’s Olympic successes in 2012 in London, and in 2016 in Rio, SWIM-RUN FOR FUN has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity. Dosthill Quarry is the best venue in the Midlands to try this exciting activity, with clean, clear spring-fed water in the lake, varied terrain and manageable distances, purpose-designed for Swim-Run.
Just bring along your costume, running shoes & towel, and some old trainers or flip flops that you don’t mind getting wet, and we’ll do the rest. Our swim staff will rent you a wetsuit, before you take the plunge, if you don’t have one. Contact the site owner, Swim-Run coach, and former international athlete, Ian Forster, on 07928 562916 or ian@divein.co.uk with any queries, and our site staff will brief you on each of the SWIM-BIKE-RUN FOR FUN phases, before your first session, to increase your confidence and motivate you, as you progress in this fun, and fast-growing sport. It couldn’t be more easy to get started..So TRY SWIM-RUN FOR FUN TODAY.


If you are looking for a less strenuous activity then our historic Chapel to Chapel Walk is perfect.
Starting and finishing close to Dosthill’s historic Norman chapel, this trail walk takes in fabulous views of the panoramic River Tame valley, similar to those enjoyed by the Normans nearly 1000 years ago.
We have developed and mapped trail routes of different distances so you can choose what suits you best.
Bring your cameras and get some stunning photos. The short walk is just half a mile. Leaving the chapel you progress to the valley ridge and left along the footpath to the woods and back to the Chapel. The longest one (at present) is about 3.5 miles from the Chapel, through the “Roundhills” woodland, across the new bridge over the River Tame, into the bird sanctuary, round both lakes, and back to the Chapel. If you don’t have a walking companion we’ll arrange that given sufficient notice. It is a condition that 2 walkers in each group should have a mobile phone programmed with our Activity Director’s contact number, in the event of injury or emergency.