Swim Bookings

Swim Bookings


You can do a night swim every Wednesday 6-7pm + every Friday 6-8pm.

Also start planning & booking the 2022 full moon swims on our evening open dates nearest to 16/04, 16/05, 14/06, 13/07, 12/08, 10/09. 9/10, 08/11 and 08/12/2022, all for 2 hours 6-8pm.
Check the availability chart for the nearest dates & times to these full moons.

We have upgraded the car park, shore & lake lighting for your safety and enjoyment

Please check the chart below to see when the site is open and closed.
Try to book at least the day before to help us plan staffing.

Swim sessions with less than 3 swimmers may be closed on the day.

This page contains all the essential info & instructions you need to book a single swim + wetsuit or float rental, and pay on arrival for the swim or purchase 10-swim passes, and enjoy your swims safely.

In the unlikely event you need advice on our website or booking form,
please phone
01733 351288 any day between 8am & 4pm
OR 01827 281304 during opening times below
while viewing the website on a PC, laptop or iPad (not your mobile phone), with a reloaded screen (circular arrow, top left).


  1. Available Places. There is no limit on numbers.
  2. Free Registration. All swimmers have to register at http://dosthillquarry.com/swimreg/ for swimming at Dosthill Quarry. Unless your contact details change you only have to register once. Recent or older registrations are still valid, but if you are not sure, your details have changed, or you are not registered, please register now before completing the booking form below. After registering, print off the registration email that is automatically sent to you and bring it with you to sign before your next swim. If you don’t have a printer, email it to joe@dosthillquarry.com with the following request “Please print this off for me to sign before my next visit.” There is no facility at Dosthill Quarry for registering on site.
  3. Duration of each swim session is 1 hour unless your body is acclimatised to longer swims, or you are preparing for a long swim event.
  4. Wetsuit OR Float? The lake is 90 feet/25 metres deep, so in the event of cramp in one or both legs, you need to be able to float on the  surface until our rescue boat arrives. To meet this safety requirement you need to wear a wetsuit (preferred for warmth + buoyancy) OR tow a personal float behind you. You don’t need both. You are strongly recommended to wear a full wetsuit until the water temperature rises to 22 degrees. Current water temperature to see the current water temperature. If you don’t have your own wetsuit or float, you can rent on site.
  5. Rental Arrangements. Rental prices are full wetsuit £8 & personal float £2, payable by card at reception on arrival. Shorties are available at £6, but only for swimmers who have acclimatised to the current water temperature. If you need to rent a float or wetsuit, enter the height & chest/dress size of the person who needs the suit, or enter “float”, in the optional rental field on the booking form below. If no rental is needed leave the field blank.
  6. Stay Updated. Check this website’s home page at http://dosthillquarry.com/, and this Swim Bookings page before every visit to stay updated with current fast-changing conditions, special arrangements, and last-minute swim availability.
  7. Check the Current Opening Dates & Times chart below, but refresh or restore it before you book to ensure it is updated.
  8. The swim booking form is located a few paragraphs under the Currently Available Swim Places chart, and is easily identified by the word Required at the start of most fields. The form only takes about 25 seconds to complete.
  9. Payment. You now pay on arrival. If you have purchased a 10-swim pass, enter the amount paid (£30 or £60) in payment field #1 of the booking form, and enter your 4 or 5 digit receipt code in field #2. Otherwise enter POA (Paying On Arrival) into these 2 fields, and then pay on arrival.
  10. Completion Care. Take extra care when completing the following fields:-
    Date of Birth. Only for swimmers under 15.
    Visit Date. Enter the visit date.
    Start & End Times. Remember to enter these or the form will not send.
    Email. TAKE EXTRA CARE to enter and check your correct email address or you won’t receive the auto reply confirmation email. More than 50% of our swimmers incorrectly type, mistype, or don’t check what they’ve typed e.g hitmail.com instead of hotmail.com & .con instead of .com.
    Participant Agreement. If you are 18 or over, tick the agreement box at the bottom of the form.  A parent or guardian of an under 18 swimmer must also state their name before ticking the box.
  11. Our cafe caravan is open for hot & cold drinks, chocbars, crisps & simple takeaway or sit down snacks.
  12. 2 metres social distancing is not mandatory, but try and stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household or support bubble.
  13. Masks not required. Dosthill Quarry is outdoors with unlimited ventilation. Our full retail facilities are open, but you don’t need to wear a mask in our shop unless you prefer to.
  14. Changing. Our changing rooms are open, but you can change in the car park as our swimmers have been doing since May 2020, so long as you bring a towel robe or dressing gown with you to ensure your personal privacy while changing adjacent to the church graveyard before and after your swim.
  15. Dogs need to wear life jackets to swim in the quarry. Unfortunately we don’t have any to rent.

Current Swimming Opening Dates & Times 2022

This chart is only to show the opening dates & times. You can't amend the chart yourself.
Refresh or restore this page just before you check the opening dates & times. Then complete the swim booking form below.

Book Your Swim in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Check which date & time in the above chart we are open that is convenient for you.

Step 2

Carefully complete the “Required” fields and boxes that are applicable to you in the Swim Booking Form. If you have purchased a 10-swim pass, enter the amount paid (£30 or £60) in payment field #1, and your 4 or 5 digit receipt code in field #2. Otherwise enter POA (for Paying On Arrival) into these 2 fields.

Step 3

Pay on arrival.

Swim prices are:
£4 for a single under 15 or dog swim
£8 for a single adult swim
£30 for an under 15 or dog 10-swim pass
£60 for an adult 10-swim pass
You save £10 with a £30 pass & £20 with a £60 pass rather than single swims.

Passes don’t have an expiry date, so you can carry unused swims over to future seasons. They also reduce the number of times you have to call us to pay ahead from 10 to just 1 – saving you (and us) a lot of time. Swimmers in the same household can share a child, dog or adult pass as appropriate.

When you pay our card machine will create a 4-digit receipt code at the bottom of your cardholder receipt. This is valid once for £4 & £8 single swims, and 10 times for £30 & £60 swim passes.

Click the link below to book your swim. The form opens in a new tab.