Discover Scuba Diving & Bubblemaker Knowledge Development and Questionnaire

    Discover Scuba Diving & Bubblemaker Knowledge Development and Questionnaire

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    Please look through the supplied images of the brochure for the answers to the questions located below each image. You can enlarge the image by left clicking on it and return to the quiz by pressing the "back" button on your browser.

    Question 1: Upon completing this experience, I will be qualified to dive independently without a certified professional guiding me. TrueFalse

    Question 2: To equalize my ears and sinus air spaces during descent, I will need to blow gently against pinched nostrils.

    Question 3: I should equalize every metre/few feet while descending. TrueFalse

    Question 4: If I have discomfort in my ears or sinuses during descent, I should continue downward. TrueFalse

    Question 5: Underwater, I should breathe slowly, deeply, continuously and never hold my breath. TrueFalse

    Question 6: I should add air to my buoyancy control device (BCD) to float at the surface. TrueFalse

    Question 7: My air gauge indicates how much air I have in my cylinder and I must look at it often, and whenever my instructor asks me to. TrueFalse

    Question 9: I should stay close to the PADI Professional during my Discover Scuba Diving experience and signal if something is wrong. TrueFalse

    Question 8: I should not touch, tease or harass an underwater organism since I may harm it or it may harm me.

    NOW please check you have ticked a box for each of the 9 questions above. REMEMBER if there is more than 1 participant in your family or friends group, each person needs to submit a questionnaire with their name, the date & time of the session, the appropriate contact email and 9 answers. A single email address can cover all participants in the same family or friends group.

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