Diving Session Feedback

    Diving Session Feedback

    We would love to know how you got on in your recent scuba diving session with Scuba Pursuits at Tamworth. If you will take a few moments to answer the following simple questions, we will email you a photo of yourself during the session to say "thank you".

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    Required Who was your instructor?

    Required Was your instructor close enough to make immediate physical contact with you and render assistance when you needed it?

    Required Did your instructor reassure and support you by holding your hands?

    Required Tick the skills you practiced in shallow water. BCD inflation & deflation at the surfaceRegulator clearingRegulator recoveryMask clearing

    Required Did you experience buoyancy control by breathing in and rising off your knees, breathing out back onto your knees?

    Required Did your instructor remind you to equalise your ears in deeper water?

    Required Did you experience mid water buoyancy while swimming?

    Required Did you enjoy the session?

    Required Would you like to dive with fish?

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