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Dosthill Quarry Monday-Wednesday Outdoor Swimming Reservations

160 swimmers enjoyed our Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse event on Friday 27/07/2018 till midnight. Thank you. Check out our remaining Full Moon Swims on Sunday 26/08, Tuesday 25/09, Wednesday 24/10, Friday 23/11, and Saturday 22/12 this year at http://dosthillquarry.com/moonswims/, where you can reserve your place(s). Ian Forster

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Safety Policy. Whether you wear a costume only or a wetsuit, you are welcome. But to protect you in the deep water, you need adequate buoyancy. Wearing a wetsuit is the preferred way to prevent you sinking in the event of cramp (and keep you warm), and to increase your confidence if you are new to open water swimming. Many of our strong & confident swimmers tow a swim float summer & winter alike! If you don't have a wet suit or tow float you can hire one for £1 tow float, £4 shortie wetsuit, £6 full wetsuit, or buy your own on site.

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