Moon Dive Reservations

It’s getting darker, and time for night diving.

Thursday 25/10/18 is the super-bright Hunter’s Moon!
It rises at 6:41pm, and it is at its brightest in the entire month at 99.7% illumination.

Which is why Thursday 25/10/18 Is the best time to dive with the full moon.

Since we are open from 1pm till 8pm, come for a dive in the afternoon or after work,
enjoy our Moon Meal, and then dive in our floodlit lake, under the moonlight, till 8.
That’s up to 7 hours for a single dive fee!

Member fee before 5pm £10; after 5pm £7. Non-member fee before 5pm £15; after 5pm £12.

If you’re not qualified to dive at night, or you need a buddy, or a torch,
call Ian on 07928 562916 and he’ll explain your options.

BUT if you reserve your place below, and whatever kit you need to rent,
you’ll get the moon meal menu of hot drink + soup + beef or veggie burger in a bun for

£3 instead of £6.10!!!

However, you can just turn up, pay the dive fee, and order food from the menu at normal prices.


Dosthill Quarry Moon Dive Reservations

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