Baptism at Dosthill Quarry!

We were absolutely delighted last Saturday to have a baptism ceremony at Dosthill. It is fantastic to see the beautiful quarry setting being used for such a purpose, and we hope those being baptised have a lovely memory of their experience. I thought our members might be interested in seeing some of the photos and a video or two. The videos of the actual baptisms show the person being baptised being vigorously plunged backwards by the pastor, Wesley Idehen, and of the joyous singing of those being baptised and the “congregation” (their families and friends). The church is Christ the Rock Ministry from Walsall.

The Church could not find suitable water in the Walsall area, and decided initially to consider the River Tame in Tamworth. But they found it too murky and muddy. Someone suggested Dosthill Quarry and they were so pleased with the purity of the water and the healthy spa minerals in the water that they believed that God had directed them to the lake. They decided to do 7 baptisms in the lake, and immediately afterwards committed to doing future baptisms at Dosthill Quarry

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